About Us

Alaynah beauty is not just a cosmetic
company, its the movement dedicated
to instilling self-love, empowering its
consumers & giving back to the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you with self-confidence, inspire you to self-love, & encourage you to boldly proclaim,
"I Do it for Me.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver products that we
take great pride in across the map for
people to enjoy the utmost luxury we
have spent countless hours perfecting.

Our Values

• Encourage Self Love
• Commitment to Growth
• Prioritize Quality Assurance
• Give Back To The Community
• Promote Youth Empowerment

Alaynah’s Founding Story

Sara Shahnawaz Khan & Mir Shahnawaz Khan, a young married couple with strong entrepreneurial ambitions, founded Alaynah Beauty with the intention of making a positive change in society.Since an early age, Sara routinely visited her mother, Dr. Bilquis Shaikh’s clinic, where she frequently encountered women that had one common complaint, which was the severe damage caused to their skin by the regular use of falsely advertised cosmetics. Sara’s desire to help others inspired her to create a line of products that combine the benefits of skincare with the beauty of cosmetics.Her vision is to help women feel comfortable with their skin and use safe makeup at their own discretion. Shahnawaz, with his high aspirations, dreamt of building an empire centered on innovative products that elevate people’s lifestyles. Together, Sara’s vision and Shahnawaz’s aspirations, along with their common desire to empower Pakistan’s youth and contribute to the welfare of society, resulted in the founding of Alaynah Beauty.

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